Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Chinese Kidney Activator - Nature's Sunshine

Chinese Kidney Activator

Product Features

  • Promotes kidney function.
  • May help clear retained water.
  • Supports the urinary tract.
  • May support joint health.
Chinese Kidney Activator contains hoelen plant, siler root, chaenomeles fruit, morus root bark, astragalus root, psyllium seed, alisma rhizome, peony root without bark, atractylodes rhizome, magnolia bark, polyporus plant, cinnamon twig, citrus peel, ginger rhizome, typhonium rhizome and licorice root.

Take 4 capsules with a meal three times daily. TCM concentrate: Take 1 or 2 capsules with a meal daily.

Product Description
The kidneys act as your bodys filtration plant, processing over 200 quarts of blood each day to remove about two quarts of waste products and extra water. They also help maintain balance in your body by measuring out chemicals like sodium, phosphorus and potassium and releasing them back into the blood.

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